Life is hard and quite challenging. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to make it through situations.

Restore My Soul provides a positive community of women who understand the importance of lifting each other as we climb.  We encourage you; inspire you; we remind you of YOUR greatness; we educate you so that you can reach your next level.  RMS offers daily livestream on facebook, coaching programs, and restoration retreats.  As of Feb 11, 2018, we also have a syndicated channel to keep you inspired each day.

Our  Mission

Restore My Soul’s mission is to guide you in finding and defining your clarity, your healing, your purpose, and your passion.  The fundamental truth is that we are great; we are strong, we are capable, and we are endowed with the gift of changing this world.  But first, change and healing must begin within our own soul.  Restore My Soul is the incubator that allows you to grow into your destiny.

Our  Goals

To facilitate your growth and development through powerful teachings, trainings, coaching programs, retreats, and conferences.  We empower you to live the life you love, igniting your  passion to “be the change you want to see in this world.”

Our  Methods

The creator of our program, Felita Poole, uses her education, experience, and training as a mental health therapist and educator to bring you tried and proven strategies for helping you overcome your challenges; she provides motivation for helping you become who you desire to be; and she inspires a nurturing community where you will be validated and accepted and propelled to your next level.

Let’s Take The First Step Together

Restore My Soul

16 Pathways to Greatness Program
If there is one thing about life that we have come to realize, we are all going to experience challenging and difficult situations.  While no one is immune from life’s challenges, but we can decide how we will face this adversary in order to achieve the results we want and deserve in life.  These 16 pathways to greatness gives you clarity, healing, focus, and perspective on your destiny.  Together we re-design a life full of self-love, positive relationships, and endless possibilities.

Restore My Soul 30 Day Meditations

Restore My Soul 30 Day Meditations
Every woman during sometime in her life, will experience the hardship and painful moments in life.  This is one on the ultimate challenges that forces us to upgrade our spirit and soul in order to deal with these situations.


21 Days to Gratitude Journal
So many times we go through life’s circumstances and disappointments. Gratitude, the ability to maintain a thankful disposition, allows us to always find the areas in our lives where we should and can be grateful. This gratitude journal takes you on a journey to uncover the many blessings and gifts in your life.

From Our Heart To Yours

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