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Best known for her “No Excuse” approach, Felita Hannah Poole is one of America’s pioneering game changers. Ms. Felita is a prolific international speaker, competent Educator, and Motivator. The accomplished entrepreneur is a CEO of Inspired by Greatness Counseling and Educational Center, Inc. and Hannah’s Home Care Agency, Inc- two of America’s fastest growing companies.  She is a woman activist who has served in different countries including Germany, Bosnia, Hungary and throughout the U.S. Ms. Felita is an alumnus of the Louisiana Tech University, where she gained a BA in English Education and a Master’s degree in counseling.

Adopted at age 3, Felita learned to be strong as she rose above every circumstance. Being a victim and conqueror of domestic violence, she learned to use her predicaments as a stepping stone for her. For over 30 years, Ms. Felita has dedicated her life to helping others live a more accomplishing life. She is an exemplary teacher who uses her life experiences to groom women making them better and full of hope. She is passionate about helping people, especially women, to live a fulfilling life. She  founded a life-saving company for women called “Restore my Soul.” Understanding how it feels to be sick, rejected, divorced, discriminated, bankrupt and broken as a woman, she pioneered this company to give hope to others. “Restore My Soul,” is actually a 12 weeks program which revive wounded and broken women, restoring their hope and giving them the courage to live a better life.

As an entrepreneur, a community activist, and advocate, she works tirelessly to promote change into the lives of all citizens including those disenfranchised by helping them to realize their dreams and live a better life. Felita is sought after by both individuals and organizations for her expertise and aptness to project change into the lives of people. She has been featured in several sold out events where she has used her gifting and life experiences to empower people to pursue change and come out of the pits of despair. Each day, she propels thousands with great wisdom using powerful, practical, and realistic strategies. Embracing the virtues of sympathy and love, Felita is delightful and always relates to people in great compassionate.

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